Modern technology has transformed the world and has brought proficiency, automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and customer intelligence to create more business opportunities. The travel and tourism sector in particular has benefited from the internet and other technological solutions. It is a boon to the travel agencies to make things move faster and with greater accuracy. Most of the holiday packages, travel trips and cruises are booked through travel agencies hence, the impact of technology felt is enormous. Let us read further, which technologies have helped travel agents to enhance customer satisfaction and create potential income.

Portal Development:,, AJAX, Java Script, PHP etc. are few tools used for developing portal and implementing end-to-end web solutions for travel planners. By developing the portal, accurate data can be maintained. Portal development enables travel agencies to deliver high performance, user-friendly and affordable internet booking queries that help you to get spontaneous online response and sales.

Hotel/Flight Booking Engines:

Flight and hotel booking engine is the latest online system that helps the end-users to search and book the most affordable airline. It allows the user to explore destinations world-wide on the airline interface booking system with the prices stated in the user-friendly GUI interface. After receiving entire information of the airline and the destination, the client can select the choicest flight and proceed for making confirmed booking.

Travel Technological Solutions:

Several leading travel technology solution companies provide top class technology products to the travel industry. These products assist in B2B selling, Tour Operation, Retail Sales and Business Travel Intermediaries. Such products help the travel agencies to organize their business process, optimize revenue and improve customer assistance. These companies adhere to strong ISO and CMMI standards to ensure quality and hassle-free services.

Search Engine Optimization:

SEO in travel and tourism industry is not just a theoretical concept but contains step-by-step approach to optimize the site for search engine. You can get more leads for your business, create user-friendly website, find prospective customers, explore novel and new markets, accomplish higher conversion rates, build brand image and design your own digital marketing campaign. Funds spent on SEO should be considered as investment and not cost to the company.

API Integration Services:

Application Programming Interface (API), allows the developers to link a variety of software products without revealing the source code. If you are running a hotel or travel agency, you can allow your customers to rent a car directly from your website by linking your room booking with local cab/car rental providers. This facility nullifies time spent on surfing for the best car rental deals and gives a peace of mind to the clients.

Clients world-wide are affected by the booming travel technology. Statements like “App for Everything” has become popular for travelers to browse the website, get the best deals and offers and enjoy the finest and most affordable accommodation- all due to one click on the app. This is the power of travel technology.. share if you agree.


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