How Do You Become a Travel Agent Online?

 Become a travel agent in india

Travel Agent
A Travel Agent provides services related to travel and tourism to the customers with the assistance of various suppliers like -airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, hotels, railways, travel insurance, and package tours. Travel Agent’s task is to make the travel process simple for their customers and also provide travel packages’ and offers for the same.
Perks of being a Travel Agent
Travel agents earn commissions by booking a car, hotel or flight for clients. Travel Agent can earn commission ranging from 5% to 15% which depends on various factors .The online booking system makes it easy to keep track of the established commission rates and make sure that each and every agent gets the commission. Through Multilink, agents can earn commissions at a high rate.

Travel Agents earn profit from the commissions they get from the clients. This commission generally is a very small amount of the revenue received. The airlines too provide a certain amount of commission to market through agent thus providing the agent with a huge amount of business. The tour operators, hotels and cruise operators to pay commissions for bookings.
o Travel agents get a complimentary stay or heavy discounts offered by hotels.
o     Online travel agents are their own boss.
o   Travel agents can work from home or the place you are comfortable with.
o   Travel agents can work as per their convenience.  
o   Travel agents get high commissions by doing what they love.
 How to become a Travel agent
You need to fill in an enquiry form at B2B Multifly’s website then the customer care executive will guide you ahead.
How to Enroll
All you need is a Computer with internet connectivity and then fill out an enquiry form at B2B through which our customer care representative will guide you with further proceedings.

Getting Started:

If you’re looking for an opportunity to be a travel agent, and respected brand with a high commission then, you are at the right place! Enrol with Multilink today!


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