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Welcome to B2BMultifly

The B2B Multify is a pioneer in B2B2C ecommerce solution in India. We known as India's Leading Online B2B Travel Booking Portal. An unmatched business of opportunity for Businessman, Retailers, Housewives, Students, Professionals, Insurance and Real estate agents, Cyber Cafes.

Our USP's

  • 600 + API's

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  • 200 + Employees

  • Instant Commission

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  • Client Satisfation

Perks of Travel Technology

Travel Technology is the ladder to earn high revenue and boost the regular boring income for travel agents. Travel agents can not only earn high income but can attract a lot of traffic on their website too.

Travel Technology is helping travel agents to earn lot of money. If you are a travel agent or wishing to be one then travel technology is must. Stated by Travel Trends Today and many more travel news “Travel technology is an essential tool for travel agents to earn more commission or money”

A travel agent or one who is inspiring to be a travel agent should always go for the best travel portal development, opting for a travel technology is been considered as the best option  as   travel portal development is the key to success. If a travel agent wants to earn high profit through travel portal solution then he should go for flight booking API along with travel technology. Travel technology solution is been considered as an modern tool for travel agent s to boost their revenue as it provides API, airline booking API and hotel xml API
So, if you are looking for best travel portal or if you want to have a travel website designs… Then, B2B Multifly is termed as one of the best booking API provider in India. It gives the best travel portal solution along with the portal development. Also does it gives hotel booking engine API and flight booking API. 

Well known for its white label API and online flight ticket booking API, B2B Multifly is famous for its travel portal developers. Having the best travel portal developers and providing the best flight ticket booking API, B2B Multifly gives many reasons for travel agents to have an online travel portal. Having a travel portal attracts more traffic and more traffic leads to more booking and more booking means more commission which eventually boosts the revenue.

If you are planning to own a travel portal API, then B2B Multifly is the lucrative airlines API provider in India. It gives flight booking API at low cost and also does give cheap API for travel website.

Opting for travel technology gives a travel agentB2B Multifly’s White label API and best hotel booking API at low travel portal development cost, Hence is a travel agent is looking for flight API provider in India or flight and hotel booking API then then the best option is our travel API as it is hassle free, Cheap and has very low maintenance cost.


Advantages of “White Label” Travel Portal for Developing Agencies

Do you own a travel portal and want to make it more effective? Well, then this blog is absolutely for you.
White label is the best way to earn high commission and Profits. The best travel technology solution to increase profits and to earn high commission is a White label. As simple as it sounds white label permits a travel agent to have its own brand name on the services provided.  White label is a product or service manufactured by an organization and sold by different firms through completely different whole names. The ultimate product seems as factory-made by the marketer. The profit for the marketer is that he/she will invest in selling and acquire wealthy dividends by selling the product.

Why B2B Multifly’s White Label?

While looking for White Label Solution a travel agent should look out for the best company proving White label solution. If you are a travel agent and looking for White Label on your website, then registering with B2B Multifly will flip as a boon for you as with every sale, your account optimistically will rise with high commission. Hence, if you are looking for a white label solution at a cheap rate then B2B Multifly’s white label solution is perfect for you.

Advantages of White Label Solution:

1. Time and cash are precious!
white label helps you to save lots of cash and Time. This will help you to sale more and earn more.

2. it’s easy to manage.
white label will help you to have your own brand name on the service provided. Hence, Along with fame, it will help you to manage your booking.

3. It is pocket-friendly.
B2B Multifly’s White label Solution is not costly and is pocket-friendly. This will help you to earn more with less investment.

4. It helps in setting one's own worth and focus.
Once travel agents get their own brand name, they can focus on booking more tickets. 

5. It helps a travel agent to boost his/her revenue.
If a travel agent has his own brand name with effective services, customers will prefer good services leading to boost travel agent’s income.

6. Travel Agents can offer services to thousands of purchasers. Hence, measurability won’t be a trouble any longer.
A travel agent can earn high profits by offering services to thousands of purchasers. And also, on the other hand, work as per his time schedule with an ease. 

7. Overall high commission and profit will flow from each and every way!
With white label solutions, travel agents can earn high commission and profits and earn more income with fewer efforts.

How to get White label on your website?

▶️You can call at +91 7506287428 
▶️Write at enquire@b2bmultifly.com 
▶️Fill up the inquiry form, our customer care representative will get in touch with you within 24 hours and resolve your queries. She/he will guide you on obtaining White Label resolution on your web site.



“The Most Famous Travel Technology” in India
For many people spending a vacation trip is a way of relaxation while some travel for corporate or business purposes. Whatever objective the traveler wants to achieve, allows an expert travel agent to assist the traveler's travel needs. Travel agents are very knowledgeable in providing the right information and advice about travel.
However, usually, the task of managing a vacation or making its arrangements becomes difficult for them. To make things easier, convenient and tension free, travel portals were developed. Travel portals are online reservation management systems that permit travel agent to make reservations for hotels, cars, buses, airlines, etc. on one platform.  It brings the Customers and travel agents along. With a travel portal, Travel agents can manage a large range of travelers with relative ease and simplicity.

These online reservation management systems are created with the most recent, innovative technology within the software package. There are in numerous corporations creating such software package, however, for making a reliable and worthy travel portal, with the latest travel technology software package is challenging. B2B Multifly has created an on-line Travel Technology system which contains all the above-mentioned qualities. This has been designed by a number of the brightest minds in our software package development team. They’re vastly qualified, with nice experience and knowledge. They have researched to assess the travel tools and technology for travel agent so that they can easily search for or a plan in the travel portal. On the idea of this analysis, we've got a return up with a travel technology software package that's best in its category. This latest travel technology software package is easy to use, high on privacy and security and comes with a user-friendly interface.

Our latest travel technology software package comes with a number of the foremost superb and distinctive options that may enable you to manage multiple sales channels like B2C and B2B travel portal. it'll additionally alter them to supply multiple services like Flights, looking at and Transfers through their online portal. The travel technology software package we offer is often integrated with GDSs and third-party suppliers for hotels, looking at etc. It is the best travel technology in India to change the travel agents agency operations with lightness and flexibility.

Our travel booking software package has been tested to confirm that we tend to deliver effective solutions for growing your business. With more than 20 thousand travel agents and worldwide integration, our software package has proven its nerve. Our software package helps a travel agent to expand his business processes, optimize revenue and enhance client service expertise.

Thank You for your precious time. If you found this blog lucrative, Comment Now! to get regular blog updates. If you're thinking about getting this awesome travel technology to boost your travel portal then contact now. 


How Do You Become a Travel Agent Online?

 Become a travel agent in india

Travel Agent
A Travel Agent provides services related to travel and tourism to the customers with the assistance of various suppliers like -airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, hotels, railways, travel insurance, and package tours. Travel Agent’s task is to make the travel process simple for their customers and also provide travel packages’ and offers for the same.
Perks of being a Travel Agent
Travel agents earn commissions by booking a car, hotel or flight for clients. Travel Agent can earn commission ranging from 5% to 15% which depends on various factors .The online booking system makes it easy to keep track of the established commission rates and make sure that each and every agent gets the commission. Through Multilink, agents can earn commissions at a high rate.

Travel Agents earn profit from the commissions they get from the clients. This commission generally is a very small amount of the revenue received. The airlines too provide a certain amount of commission to market through agent thus providing the agent with a huge amount of business. The tour operators, hotels and cruise operators to pay commissions for bookings.
o Travel agents get a complimentary stay or heavy discounts offered by hotels.
o     Online travel agents are their own boss.
o   Travel agents can work from home or the place you are comfortable with.
o   Travel agents can work as per their convenience.  
o   Travel agents get high commissions by doing what they love.
 How to become a Travel agent
You need to fill in an enquiry form at B2B Multifly’s website then the customer care executive will guide you ahead.
How to Enroll
All you need is a Computer with internet connectivity and then fill out an enquiry form at B2B multifly.com through which our customer care representative will guide you with further proceedings.

Getting Started:

If you’re looking for an opportunity to be a travel agent, and respected brand with a high commission then, you are at the right place! Enrol with Multilink today!


Modern technology has transformed the world and has brought proficiency, automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and customer intelligence to create more business opportunities. The travel and tourism sector in particular has benefited from the internet and other technological solutions. It is a boon to the travel agencies to make things move faster and with greater accuracy. Most of the holiday packages, travel trips and cruises are booked through travel agencies hence, the impact of technology felt is enormous. Let us read further, which technologies have helped travel agents to enhance customer satisfaction and create potential income.

Portal Development:

ASP.net, VB.net, AJAX, Java Script, PHP etc. are few tools used for developing portal and implementing end-to-end web solutions for travel planners. By developing the portal, accurate data can be maintained. Portal development enables travel agencies to deliver high performance, user-friendly and affordable internet booking queries that help you to get spontaneous online response and sales.

Hotel/Flight Booking Engines:

Flight and hotel booking engine is the latest online system that helps the end-users to search and book the most affordable airline. It allows the user to explore destinations world-wide on the airline interface booking system with the prices stated in the user-friendly GUI interface. After receiving entire information of the airline and the destination, the client can select the choicest flight and proceed for making confirmed booking.

Travel Technological Solutions:

Several leading travel technology solution companies provide top class technology products to the travel industry. These products assist in B2B selling, Tour Operation, Retail Sales and Business Travel Intermediaries. Such products help the travel agencies to organize their business process, optimize revenue and improve customer assistance. These companies adhere to strong ISO and CMMI standards to ensure quality and hassle-free services.

Search Engine Optimization:

SEO in travel and tourism industry is not just a theoretical concept but contains step-by-step approach to optimize the site for search engine. You can get more leads for your business, create user-friendly website, find prospective customers, explore novel and new markets, accomplish higher conversion rates, build brand image and design your own digital marketing campaign. Funds spent on SEO should be considered as investment and not cost to the company.

API Integration Services:

Application Programming Interface (API), allows the developers to link a variety of software products without revealing the source code. If you are running a hotel or travel agency, you can allow your customers to rent a car directly from your website by linking your room booking with local cab/car rental providers. This facility nullifies time spent on surfing for the best car rental deals and gives a peace of mind to the clients.

Clients world-wide are affected by the booming travel technology. Statements like “App for Everything” has become popular for travelers to browse the website, get the best deals and offers and enjoy the finest and most affordable accommodation- all due to one click on the app. This is the power of travel technology.. share if you agree.



Booking a flight has never been so easy thanks to the concept of the API. API simply stands for Application Programming Interface. It acts like an intermediary that permits two applications to interact with one another and hence very beneficial. In ordinary terms, API is a messenger that conveys your request to the service provider and delivers the resolution back to you.

When you begin your search for flights online, there is a plethora of choice available. You need to select the date and the city of departure, city of destination, class of travel, preference of seat, baggage allowance and choice of meals, etc. After having sorted all the choices, you need to book the flights accordingly. For the purpose, you need direct access to the airline’s database or the site of the online travel agency that assemble the requisite data from various other airlines. You may opt for any device like your Cell Phone, Laptop, and PC to access the information. This is where the API comes into use. It becomes a medium for interactions among the data, application and devices, right from choosing seat, payment options and finally booking the flight. 

The main benefit of API in flight booking is spontaneity. Queries, requests and feedback are exchanged in just a click. The flight API integration helps the online travel management company and all the agents associated with them with online solutions for their traveling requirement.  Several other benefits of API include the following:

Prompt and automated booking process:

Flight booking has become prompt and swift due to the interface. You need not be physically present in any airline office or a travel agency. The entire booking process is automated and proceeds without any glitch. Even cancellation and refund becomes hassle free.  Precious time is saved and you get the required preference within your comfort zone.

Negligible Maintenance Costs:

No operational expenses are incurred as there are no installation or establishment costs.  You can finalize your travel plan through your mobile phones. It also reduces the overhead expenses of the travel agencies.

Personalized Attention:

The API enables you to connect to hosts of web booking agencies that relay the end results immediately. The payment options are also incorporated for the benefit of the customer. Travelers find it easy to book flights, hotels, cruise, and transport instantly.

Complete Authority over booking:

An API based solution provides you full control over your travel bookings. Travel agents can modify and style the content to suit their own business needs. They have the desired flexibility to conform their site as per SEO and SEM requirements.

 API is truly a boon for the entire traveling industry. Share if you agree

How B2B Travel Portals Beneficial for Travel Business?

The concept of B2B Travel Portal is effective for travel business in web-based solution or mobile application world. It's helpful for new business organization to build up the relationship in a market. It's Connect one to another without any drawback. That does not matter which type of business you are involved in B2B Portal helps to build relationships in your projected industry. Most of the Travel businesses seem that the B2B Travel Portals gives lots of benefits to a better establishment in B2B Marketplace.

The B2B Travel Portals always get connected with the people surrounding them. They are open to getting experience from customers. Share your journey experience and get a price. You might have seen such type of messages of emails in your Mailbox. B2B Travel Portal is the best way to getting leads for our travel business.

 B2B Travel Portal

Here are mention some benefits for B2B Travel Portals:-

Reduced Maintenance Cost:

In this fastest world, its impossible to wait for and travel agent come to the office and register itself to become the travel agent. They haven't time to visit an office in their busy schedule. So it’s better to make our presence online and make registration on website Become Travel Agent this task has been reducing from hours to just a few clicks away.

Access from Anywhere:

It's the simplest way to go online and book an online ticket from anywhere. It's not possible to visit the office and register itself become a travel agent. Easiest way is to sign up is B2B Travel Portal Online, log in from there provided User ID,  follow a few steps for bookings, and they rely upon to book the customer ticket in a couple of mins. It helps to reduce the cost of travel and the comfortable for the agent.

 Money Efficient Work:

B2B Portals helps to reduce the staffing requirements and physical assets cost. Entire business setup is available on mobile devices. Travel portal should come into existence it has helped in bringing cost-effective solutions to business and further.

Travel information, bookings, and travel-related records help in providing tour businesses and travel organization sources. Travel portals fetch records from that give users with the most inexpensive fares and the first-rate possible carrier, something which tourist’s preference all the time.

The Secrets of successful B2B Portals is a customer relationship. Customer care is an important factor not only the travel portals but for all. It’s necessary steps to reach the customer requirements and try to fulfill them from time to time. Connect with the users and resolve the queries. It helps to increase referral business growth.

Travel Portal Application Development is one of the several essential aspects of any travel agency to improve their online sales. That also supports to set up the business in the market segment and help to improve the industry.

With the help of B2B travel portal, anyone can book holidays with one click. We can go through each itinerary of travel places & could select your bucket list. You will get all the details in a minute about places, cost, sightseeing, exclusive domestic & international booking offers.


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